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Maple Logistics Solutions has a long history of providing reverse logistics services for our customers. We have managed and processed product returns for clients including several that operate large volume negative-option continuity programs. Returns are promptly processed allowing us to quickly transmit information regarding the quantity and disposition of returned product. Returns are generally removed from cartons and the packing list is reviewed to identify the reason for the return. Modern scanning technology provides the ability to upload return information directly to our system. This enables our customers to immediately access order information and inventory data for the effective management of their respective businesses.

Our distribution centers also have the capability to manage the returns process to meet the specialized instructions of each of our customers. Standards for reporting on the condition and reason for the product return can be easily established. Product is reworked, repaired, or discarded according to specific customer specifications. The reverse logistics process requires attention to detail and the ability to follow specific instructions while processing returns of a wide range of products utilizing varying criteria. Our systems flexibility and experience level make Maple Logistics Solutions an ideal partner in effectively managing the reverse logistics process for our clients.

The successful management of the returns process translates into meaningful benefits to our customers. These include improved cash flow and customer satisfaction complemented by greater management and operational control. We help our clients to understand and reverse negative trends that reduce sales, decrease customer satisfaction, and increase operational costs.

We are confident that we can use our experience to help you better manage your reverse logistics process

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