Subscription Box Fulfillment

Subscription boxes are one of the fastest growing trends in the eCommerce world. Maple Logistics, with 40 years of fulfillment experience, can create a customized solution that aligns with your brand and helps you grow your business.

The benefits of using Maple Logistics for subscription box fulfillment include:

  • Capabilities – our warehouses are clean, well-organized, and have ample capacity. They are food certified and are FDA registered. We serve a variety of industries. We have value-added partners that can help you through the design process.
  • Accurate assembly – We have a dedicated team of employees who are skilled at kitting & assembly projects. A proprietary warehouse management system uses a barcode scan & verify function to ensure the right items are in the right box.
  • Packaging integrity – we will protect your subscription box brand by ensuring that your gift box is properly packed to minimize the likelihood of damages.
  • Packing lists – customized packing lists are available printed in 1/C or 4/C. We can print from your file or create a template with variable data printing capabilities.
  • Scalability – three distribution centers and flexible staffing arrangements allow us to handle peaks with ease.
  • On-time shipping – We ship 99% of orders same day/next day. Our fully integrated shipping station allows us to ship with any small package carrier. Tracking information is available real-time through the online InfoNet portal or through a variety of other notification methods.
  • Integration – we can integrate directly to your eCommerce subscription box website through the MapleCommerce system; a variety of other methods are available to seamlessly upload orders to us.
  • Returns management – We have full capabilities for handling subscription returns, including inspection, re-kitting, and rework services.

Please contact us to learn more about Subscription Box Fulfillment programs.

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Subscription Box Fulfillment
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