Maple Logistics Solutions has a long history of environmental stewardship. We pride ourselves on providing distribution services which include the implementation of safe and responsible processes that protect the environment, benefit our employees and provide for the effective operation of our business. Through the years, we have been incorporating eco-friendly procedures in our operations because they simply made sense. We have been reducing, reusing, and recycling as a means to minimize our environmental impact. Operating our business in a responsible, safe, and efficient manner has been part of our culture for many years.

Maple Logistics Solutions has always been committed to a reduction in the consumption and waste of materials. We have also been active in choosing materials that have the least environmental impact and annual waste targets are established. Within our facilities, the vast majority of our communications are electronic, and our energy consumption continues to be a target for reduction through use of our energy efficient lighting and material handling equipment.

Recycling is practiced by our employees on a daily basis. Waste paper, DVDs, corrugated, glass, plastic, and aluminum are among the commodities we recycle to minimize our waste stream.

Our Distribution POD Program also has benefits which positively impact the environment. Successful management of the life cycle of the printed titles results in fewer books which are ultimately destroyed due to obsolescence. This reduces transportation costs and the amount of product which ultimately hits the waste stream.

Our distribution centers are located in the heavily populated Northeast near main highways and interstates, reducing energy usage associated with shipments. Also, the close proximity of our facilities to major population centers results in lower energy usage to move product into the hands of consumers.

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