Each of our three distribution centers that comprise Maple Logistics Solutions have been custom constructed to meet specific third party (3PL) warehouse, distribution, fulfillment, and storage requirements. The layout of our warehouse facilities are consistent so that specific customer requirements can be managed quickly and economically. Each warehouse has a racked storage area for replenishment and a forward picking area for the pick-and-pack fulfillment operation. Ample receiving and shipping areas combined with 10,000 square feet of office space comprise each of our warehouse locations. The current size of our facilities is as follows:

These facilities are conveniently located in South Central Pennsylvania in close proximity to major trucking routes and small package carrier hubs for speed and efficiency. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options. We maintain available space in order to satisfy the growing needs of our existing customers and to be ready to bring on new clients.

All of our warehouses are noted for their cleanliness. Our buildings are climate controlled, secure, sprinkler-equipped, and certified for food storage and distribution. Warehouse employees staff both the first and third shifts. Overall, our warehouse staff exceeds 100 full-time personnel, with an on-call seasonal workforce, which allows us to flex up our capacity as needed to meet seasonal needs.

We are ideally suited to meet the ongoing storage requirements of our customers as well as the seasonal needs which face many industries.

Please contact us for any questions about our warehouse capabilities. We welcome your inquiries regarding your specific warehousing and storage requirements.

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