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For decades, Maple Logistics has provided customized supply chain management solutions for businesses and eCommerce clients in diverse markets including business, education, publishing, retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), apparel, technology, and manufacturing. Our warehouse and fulfillment centers are located in Central Pennsylvania with close proximity to major interstates and roadways allowing us to service several metropolitan centers including the Harrisburg, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York markets. Our ideal Northeast location provides easy access to eastern ports and ground deliveries routinely reach the majority of the United States population within 2 days.

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Why Maple Logistics Solutions:

  • Using Maple Logistics Solutions for your fulfillment will allow you more time for you and your team to concentrate on other matters.
  • Using our experienced team will also save you the money required to hire an IN-HOUSE fulfillment team.
  • Maple Logistics Services has the capacity you need when you need it most. We can dedicate the additional resources required to handle peaks in your ordering cycle without you having to absorb the additional expense of having this resource always available when it is not required for your business.
  • Our automated processes, technology, and skilled workforce allows us to be more efficient and effective with your distribution. We are experts at getting your products to your customers as quickly as possible while minimizing waste with packaging, preparation, or shipping fees.
  • Using Maple Logistics Solutions also minimizes the potentially significant impact your success has on your physical space requirements. Using our distribution locations reduces the amount of warehousing you may need, which allows you to further focus on production or other business essential activities.

Contact us today to learn more about how Maple Logistics Solutions can help you significantly optimize your supply chain and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Domestic and international shipments from our warehouse locations in York, Lebanon, and Mount Joy, PA exceed over 25 million items shipped annually with over 95% of our fulfillment orders shipping within 24 hours. All of our warehouse locations are clean, secure, and food certified. Our location and the expertise of our dedicated team allows us to provide a cost effective third party warehouse and fulfillment option (3PF) to a variety of industries.

Please contact us to discuss your outsourced fulfillment needs in greater detail.

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Maple Logistics is the innovative leader in customized 3rd party contract warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment. You require fast shipping, accurate outbound orders, and inventory accuracy. Turn to Maple Logistics to make your distribution operation your competitive edge.

Our barcoding technology uses a variety of formats including SKU, UPC, GCID, EAN, and ISBN formats to accurately inventory and pick products. Items are generally available for order fulfillment within 24 hours of receipt. Our meticulous yet streamlined process maximizes speed of processing while requiring the utmost attention to care when handling your products. Inventory management has long been an area of strength for our fulfillment centers. Our inventory accuracy rate is 99.99% and we are proud of our ability to provide accurate inventory counts and timely reporting.

When packing your products, we take great care to ensure the safety of the items during shipping. Our goals are to pack accurately, pay attention to detail, and ensure product quality through every step of the fulfillment process.

Maple Logistics Solutions has specialized in the distribution services field throughout our nearly 50 year history. Continual enhancements to our capabilities and expansions in the markets we serve have led to the rapid growth of our business through the years.

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