Print on Demand

The Maple On Demand Program provides fulfillment services for a number of book publishers. As the market for books has evolved, the needs of our clients have changed. Print runs have continued to decline and publishers increasingly have recognized the need to minimize stocking levels and eliminate the cost of obsolete inventory.

This program allows our publishing customers to better manage and control inventory levels while maintaining service levels to their customers. Reorder points and reorder quantities are established for selected book titles in the system. Our distribution centers continue to receive orders for the titles specified and have the ability to quickly replenish stock based on the guidelines established. These orders can then be combined with orders for other product shipping to the same location. This enables our customers to minimize cost and inventory while meeting ongoing demand levels. We have the ability to print and bind hardcover and papercover books in 1-4 colors in a wide range of trim sizes. Please find more about the capabilities we can offer on our Print On Demand Parameters sheet.

The Maple On Demand system has a convenient web interface system which expedites individual job titles through the production process. Specifications and job files can be easily uploaded to the system and their accuracy and completeness are verified. Samples can be provided for approval to confirm the appearance of the final product and the system allows for specifications to be adjusted or approved for final production. Once approved, customers have the ability to order an initial print run if desired and then manage future inventory levels through their reorder points and reorder quantities.

Please contact us to learn more about Print on Demand (POD).

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