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Being able to sell your books in stores is great but distribution can be difficult. Luckily Maple Logistics has a rich history in the book distribution field complemented by our book manufacturing service Maple Press, which has been providing high quality craftmanship in book manufacturing since 1901 and produces over 13 million hardcover and paperback books annually in a wide variety of trim sizes and bind sizes. Pairing the capabilities of both our cost effective and enhanced book manufacturing with our advanced and efficient warehousing and distribution services allows us to serve our customers as a one stop shop for all aspects of the book distribution process. Since our inception nearly 50 years ago, we have served hundreds of publishers in a vast variety of markets. Through our valuable services we hope to ensure your books are everywhere that your readers are and everywhere you need them to be.

We manage over 26,000,000 books in inventory comprised of over 124,000 titles. On a daily basis, we ship over 64,000 books to a variety of retailers and consumers. All told, we have almost 500,000 square feet of warehouse space, and our warehouses boast over 40,000 bulk pallet locations and 20,000 book picking locations.

Our systems are 100% barcoded with an outbound ISBN scan verification for speed and accuracy. RF enabled warehouses and mobile devices enable real-time updates to our InfoNet, where receipts, orders, and confirmations are available online for your convenience. Our systems have inbound and outbound EDI capabilities.

Key Features of Our Distribution Centers


Our focus is to analyze your current supply chain, and then provide you with the best solution for maximizing your bottom line. At Maple Logistics Solutions, our primary goal is to make sure each and every customer is satisfied and receives the service you deserve from our fulfillment and warehousing services to exceptional customer service and tracking technology. The Print On Demand program allows our distribution clients to set up titles for automatic replenishment allowing their staff to concentrate on other tasks while maintaining inventory to fulfill orders on an on-going basis without analyzing sales patterns and sending in purchase orders.


Our facilities encompass about half a million square feet, so we are able to accommodate customers of all sizes. Our facilities are structured so we can meet the needs of our customers’ unique demands. Overall, our warehouse staff exceeds 100 full-time personnel, with an on-call seasonal workforce allowing us to flex up our capacity as needed to meet seasonal demands. Warehouse employees’ staff both the first and third shifts year-round with the ability for longer hours when needed. We are ideally suited to meet the ongoing storage requirements of our customers.


We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our warehouse management system. This robust system supports the shipment of the vast majority of our orders within 24 hours with distribution centers in three different locations in Central Pennsylvania. All three of the locations that provide distribution services are strategically located near major trucking routes and bulk mail centers to minimize transportation and mailing costs. These convenient locations in South Central Pennsylvania allow us to reach 65% of the population of the United States in as little as two days shipping time.

Located very close to Harrisburg PA, one hour from Baltimore, MD, two hours from Allentown, PA; Philadelphia, PA; or Wilmington, DE.


We invest in technology and the training of our professionals so we can accurately store and care for your product. That includes the most advanced Warehouse Management System so that we know where your product is at all times. We consistently receive over 99% inventory accuracy.

Book Shelves at our distribution center

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