Industries Served

The capabilities of Maple Logistics Solutions allow our systems to apply our services to a wide range of products. Markets where we can serve you best include:

  • Automotive-Each of our three distribution centers that comprise Maple Logistics Solutions has been custom-constructed to meet specific third party warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and storage requirements. This means that we can handle products in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including large or otherwise bulky automotive components.
  • B2B, B2C-Maple Logistics Solutions three strategically located facilities make moving products an efficient breeze. Whether your product is B2B or B2C we have the capabilities to reach your customers quickly. We process and ship over 95% of orders we receive within 24 hours. You can rest assured that no matter where your product is going it will be shipped quickly and delivered with precision.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)-Consumer Packaged Goods can fly off the shelf and here at Maple Logistics Solutions we are well versed in the efficiency required to maintain stock. We have the precision and expertise to move these products quickly and seamlessly where they need to be to make sure your business remains ahead of the game. We have the dedicated workforce and available on call employees to handle peak season volume to cater to your demand when you need it.
  • Consumer Electronics-Maple Logistics solutions is a team of experts. Our employees are exceptionally trained to handle any type of product they might encounter including fragile and often delicate consumer electronics. Tablets and Handhelds,or other electronics are safely and securely stored at our facilities before they are handled with immense care during our shipping process.
  • Electrical Infrastructure-Electrical infrastructure is an important industry, and one that we take great care to handle appropriately. With proper safety training our professionals can handle these products with ease. Our large storage spaces are also primed to handle large quantities of items or bulky equipment.
  • eCommerce-Maple Logistics offers full website integration capabilities through our MapleCommerceâ„  System. This system integrates to your eCommerce shopping cart and provides a single, seamless link into our robust warehouse management system, whether your business is B2B or B2C. This leaves you with a direct link to your product for a simple and convenient solution to your ecommerce needs and expectations.
  • Food-All three of our facilities are certified for food storage and are FDA registered. Our warehouses are noted for their cleanliness as our attention to detail shines through in everything that we do.
  • Medical-Medical resources are an important product that needs to be moved around carefully and efficiently. Luckily Maple Logistics Solutions has the experience to handle these with ease. Bulky and expensive equipment is no problem for us as our security is advanced and reliable.
  • Publishing-Maple Logistics Services is paired efficiently with our Maple Press book manufacturing and distribution services. Your all-in-one logistics and manufacturing service provider to get your books in the hand of every one of your readers. Additionally, publishers who join Maple Logistics Solutions have the benefit of our Print on Demand program. You can set up titles in the system for auto-replenishment and let your production staff spend time working on the next best seller.
  • Retail-We can handle everything at Maple Logistics Solutions and retail products are a perfect example of the type of industry we serve with pride. Our efficient fulfillment services and value-added services are a perfect fit for any business moving their product into retail locations.
  • Telecommunications-Telecommunication can often be cumbersome and difficult to store or transport. Maple Logistics Solutions has the accommodations for large industry devices and our three locations makes transportation an efficient process.

Flexibility and Capability

Our warehouses have the ability to receive, store, and ship orders containing products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We handle products which also vary greatly in value and can provide secure and safe storage as required. Our experience in handling a wide range of products through the years has enabled us to develop flexible systems to meet our customers' needs.

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