Maple Logistics Solutions takes the safety of our working environment very seriously and are consistently making strides to ensure the safest possible experience for everyone that comes through our doors. We are pleased to report that each of the three Maple Logistics warehousing and fulfillment sites – York, Lebanon, and Mount Joy – have individually been awarded OSHA’s elite Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) certification.  The certification recognizes employers who operate an exemplary injury and illness protection program.  Less then 50 companies in Pennsylvania have achieved this honor.

This exceptional achievement is the culmination of all employees focusing on safety as well as employees successfully trained in required security procedures with periodic refresher training. Successful initiatives range from increased training and awareness to safety audits, procedures, investments in ergonomic equipment to reduce the likelihood of injuries, and a robust and involved Safety Committee that ensures the safety of our work force and customer inventory.

Aside from reduced injuries, the benefits of being SHARP certified also include increased employee engagement, reduced employee turnover, and improved safety awareness inside and outside of the workplace, further increasing our efficiency. Persistent safety across our warehouses ensures that all of our systems and protocols run smoothly, keeping our productivity in line with our customers’ expectations as well as our own lofty standards.


Maple Logistic Solutions also takes many proactive and preventative steps towards ensuring all of our facilities are incredibly secure. Maple’s security profile is based on a combination of physical controls, management controls, and employee controls.

The Security of our warehouses and the products inside is an incredibly important aspect to us and we strive to set the standard for what customers can expect from a reliable logistics company. We go to great lengths to properly secure our physical warehouses 24 hours a day through a variety of means including 24-hour monitoring for burglary and fires as well as the inclusion of a wide array of sensor technology incorporated into our dock doors, access doors, and other controlled areas.

Maple Logistics Solutions also utilizes a variety of management security controls ranging from rigorous visitor security precautions and anti-theft policies and procedures. Maple’s management security controls also include product destruction and food health policies.

Maple only employs the most dependable and hard-working staff possible for our warehouse. Employee security includes pre-hiring background screening as well as consistent refresher training programs.

Physical Security Controls

  • Buildings are monitored 24 hours a day for fire and burglary by a 3rd party monitoring company.  All dock doors, access doors, and controlled areas are covered by dual technology Passive Infrared/Microwave motion sensors along with glass break sensors in the appropriate areas.  Buildings are fully sprinklered. Backup power and voice connections exist.  Camera monitoring is in place.
  • Employee and visitor entrances have key fob electronic access controls as well as physical door locks.  Keys are tightly controlled.
  • Visitor access is controlled to a single entrance.
  • Secure storage areas exist for high value items.
  • Trucker entrances are controlled via a cage.
  • The building exterior is checked on a regular basis.
  • Adequate exterior lighting exists.

Management Security Controls

  • A notification procedure exists for visitors to the distribution centers.
  • Visitors are required to sign in, and under certain circumstances, show identification.
  • Visitors are required to wear safety vests for identification and acknowledge and abide by safety regulations.
  • Visitors are required to wear name badges.
  • A theft policy exists and is strictly enforced.
  • Random bag checks are performed.
  • A product destruction policy exists and is strictly enforced.
  • A food health policy exists and is strictly enforced.

Employee Security Controls

  • Pre-hiring background screening is done on all employees.
  • Employees are trained in security procedures and are required to abide by them.
  • Refresher training is periodically conducted.