Maple Logistics operates three warehouses:


Our fulfillment centers are conveniently located in Central Pennsylvania in close proximity to major trucking routes and small package carrier hubs for speed and efficiency. All small package carriers and major LTL carriers pick up and deliver goods on a daily basis from each warehouse. Regardless of where your products will end up, whether across the street or across the world, beginning in one of our locations ensures a speedy arrival.

Each of our three distribution centers that comprise Maple Logistics Solutions has been custom-constructed to meet specific third party warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, and storage requirements. The floor plans of each of our warehouse facilities are consistent to ensure specific customer requirements can be managed quickly and economically. Each warehouse has both a racked area for storage and replenishment as well as a forward picking area for the pick-and-pack fulfillment operation. We offer the ability to directly integrate with many different shopping carts for your eCommerce business. Our warehouses are noted for their cleanliness as our attention to every detail shines through in everything we do.

Both short-term and long-term storage options are available for many different types of items in many different sizes. We have multiple types of racking in various row heights to meet all your storage needs. Some of the most popular products we distribute are as small as a coffee pod while others are as large as a solar panel. Need to store your heavy-lift products? No problem. Need to warehouse entire retail inventory for fulfillment? No problem. All three of our facilities are well equipped to handle a wide variety of cargo and the warehouses are also certified for food storage and are FDA registered. Our dedication to safety and organization means that you can trust Maple Logistics Solutions to keep your products in perfect condition.

Space is always available in order to satisfy both the growing needs of our existing customers as well as large volume for new clients. Ample receiving and shipping areas, combined with 4,000 square feet of office space, comprise each of our spacious warehouse locations. Our professionals will find you the perfect fit for all your products. We have docking bays as well as ground-level shipping and receiving areas to accommodate passenger-height vehicles. Whether your products are arriving in a big rig or in the back of your minivan, we have the facilities to accommodate!

Warehouse Capabilities

Overall, our warehouse staff exceeds 100 full-time personnel, with an on-call seasonal workforce allowing us to flex up our capacity as needed to meet seasonal demands. Warehouse employees staff both the first and third shifts year-round with the ability for longer hours when needed. We are ideally suited to meet the ongoing storage requirements of our customers as well as the peak seasonal needs which face many industries. With all three of our Pennsylvania fulfillment centers in close proximity to each other, we have the unique ability to share resources while still keeping your account “in-house”. Each of our locations are staffed and operated the same way to ensure smooth fulfillment and handling of your products under a variety of seasonal and circumstantial variables.

When asked what our best service attribute is, we say “flexibility”. Logistics and fulfillment are only the beginning of what we do every day. Many other distribution centers have criteria they expect their clients to meet. Our goal is to meet your needs at every turn and excel at all of the services we provide to you.

Our warehouses are strategically laid out to seamlessly provide an array of value-added services from labeling, shrink-wrapping, kitting, consolidation, refurbishing, or receiving overseas floor-loaded containers. We hope to be your all in one logistics provider. Whether you’re looking for long-term storage or to take advantage of our commitment to exceptional fulfillment services, Maple Logistics Solutions is determined to maintain the highest standards of all our clients utilizing our warehouses

Please contact us for any questions about our warehouse capabilities. We welcome your inquiries regarding your specific warehousing and storage requirements.

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